On-Site Custom Wilderness First Aid Courses

Lodge owners and outfitters face the same challenges as any operation located in remote environments or in areas where emergency response is limited or delayed. The lack of immediate medical care requires a well thought out medical plan that includes appropriate training, first aid kits and an evacuation plan to definitive care.

We have found that Emergency Action Plans in our industry are often inadequate due to the lack of available resources and information for outfitters and lodges catering to clients in austere environments.

Let Us Help You Develop A

Comprehensive Emergency Action Plan

Finns West can provide  comprehensive Emergency Action Plan development that includes, but not limited to; medical emergencies, fire, weather, local resources and evacuation plans that are tailored to your operation and environment. We understand the logistics, clientele, and operations that outfitters and lodges face as we have traveled to and worked with lodges and outfitters around the globe to develop a reasonable and obtainable Emergency Action Plan.

Finns West Wilderness First Aid Development Plans

Our lodge program provides on-site custom wilderness first aid courses for your guides and staff. We will evaluate your operation while on-site and develop a specific Emergency Action Plan. We will review your first aid kits and provide recommendations regarding up-to-date supplies and/or equipment necessary to be prepared for day-to-day issues or emergencies.

Finns West has partnered with major lodge / outfitter insurance agencies and underwriters to not only reduce your premiums but to also reduce claims with a pro-active approach to risk management though our training and Emergency Action Plans.

We have partnered with Global Rescue, a world-wide medical support & evacuation company, to provide a truly comprehensive start-to-finsh Emergency Action Plan.