16-24 hours

2 to 3 days

Our most popular course with guides, outfitters and lodge staff operating in remote locations or where 911 response will be delayed.

Our Wilderness First Aid courses focus on critical thinking skills and the management and treatment of life threatening emergencies and common medical issues when medical response is delayed or non-existent. We focus on patient stabilization, protection, packaging and evacuation using common tools available in the fishing and hunting environment. Realistic hands-on scenarios are created to prepare the participant for emergencies that may occur in their working environment.

Topics and skills in the Wilderness First Aid course include: Circulatory,Respiratory and Nervous System review; Musculoskeletal injuries and splinting; Allergy / Anaphylaxis, Spinal injuries, Wound / Burn care; Environmental emergencies, Water based emergencies; Backcountry medicine and First Aid Kits. Wilderness Guidelines include: Advanced Wound Care and Anaphylaxis skills labs (EpiPen)

Each course can be customized to the environment and location the participants operate in, but the skills and knowledge can be used in any situation.

*AHA CPR options are available with each course